Zirconium Silicate


Zircon or zirconium silicate as an opacifier has the most consumption in ceramic glaze with firing temperature above 1000 ᵒC. opacity of this material is affected with other elements such as aluminum and zinc. The presence of zircon in glaze lead to increase density, resistance to cracking and chemical durability of glaze and reduction of thermal expansion coefficient. High viscosity glaze containing zircon lead to carbon stains even at high temperature. All source of zirconium contain various amounts of hafnium, and since that chemical properties of these materials are similar and the separating processes are very expensive, many grades of zirconia contains more than 3 wt% hafnium.
APA Ceram
Major applications of zircon are in the ceramic, refractory and glaze industries. APA Ceram is supplier of required zircon with high quality from well-known manufacturers.

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